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Author Topic: Koeman Sacked  (Read 35054 times)

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Re: Koeman Sacked
« on: October 23, 2017, 08:07:34 PM »
He had to go and I'm glad the trigger has been pulled

This isn't going to be an easy season, not entirely sure who the best appointment will be but here are a few thoughts on some possible candidates

David Moyes - fuck right off. Seriously if you are considering him you are basically saying you don't want success. Will he magically spring back to how he had us when he finished 4th with us in 04/05 like 13 years ago?or is it more likely he will be the total train wreck of a manager that he was in his last 3 jobs at Man United where he undid a legacy in about 8 months, sociedad where he bombed or Sunderland where he finally relegated a side who had managed to stay up doing the bare minimum for years?

David Unsworth - no management experience. Has done great work with the youth players. All round good guy. Too risky an appointment?better than giving Moyes a try for me just because we would be trying something new. Has worked with lots of the youngsters so we would deem him likely to give them a chance

Carlo Ancelotti - biggest name on the list. He's never taken on a job as shit and unattractive as this though. He has always been at title contenders and champs league regulars. Hard to know how he would get on but if he's interested we would have to give him a chance

Marco Silva - personally would love to see him given a chance. Has shown at Hull and Watford that he can get teams playing well in a short space of time. Studies opposition and is meticulous and seems to be a good man manager. I doubt he would leave part way through a season

Sean Dyche - he's done great at Burnley and I think he deserves a chance at a bigger club. Possibly unfairly labelled as some sort of management dinosaur. He's had Burnley solid defensively and hard to beat. Think he would jump at the chance to manage us

Frank DeBoer - would be a huge risk. Bombed at Palace and Inter. Not the right appointment for me

Sam Allardyce - you know what you get with Big Sam. I certainly wouldn't be worried about relegation if he came but it would be totally uninspiring

Thomas Tuchel - another big name given his reputation in Germany and good work that he has done at Mainz and Dortmund. Feel that he's holding out for a bigger job at a Champs league regular

Roberto Mancini - won the league with City. Hasn't done great since. Also I think he's total mental and I'm sure there's been stories about him losing the dressing room at City/Inter
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