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Author Topic: Koeman Sacked  (Read 26449 times)

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Re: Koeman Sacked
« on: October 23, 2017, 08:53:08 PM »
I don't want him either but c'mon. He fucked it up in United, yes. The truth there was however that Sir Whisky-Nose wore out the group he inherited. The core players were old and had achieved everything. They weren't ready to take advice from a nobody, who made a biiig mistake when he got rid of Fergusson's backroom staff.

In Spain: Well, new league etc. That can happen. Sociedad didn't also have too many world beaters in the squad.

Sunderland: He, or any other manager in that seat, was doomed even before last season started. Sunderland's board had made it sure that time.

A football romantic in me would like to see him guide us to CL, win a cup or two... Then I woke up and let the cat out.
The romantic in me would like to invite him for an interview then when he arrives donít let him in and shout out the window that it was a wind up!

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