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Re: Unsworth
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The more I think about it the more I think give it to Rhino till the end of the season and reassess then. If it works, happy days, extend. If it doesnt, make the call straight away and go for new man. Chances are by April we will know if his contract will be extended or not, If its looking like not then we can draw up a list. Marco Silva would be top of that list for me, but I am all for giving Rhino a go until May.
He deserves it. The players seem to love him and will play for him.
Why not.

The only problem with this is he can only have it for a maximum of 12 weeks coz he hasnít got the pro licence....if they wait the full 12 weeks is he good enough to get us outta trouble ? If heís not how long do they give him only to prove heís not good enough? Which due to our current position would deffo put us in a dire position and deffo relegation fight....
Hereís the dilemma...the longer into the 12 weeks we go and if it doesnít improve, our position gets worse and we still need a manager.....give him it and if it doesnít improve and ....we still need a new manager...
The pressure is really on both unsy and the board as he HAS to succeed no matter what the outcome job offer wise.....
FOR ME the better alternative is get an experienced man in ASAP iím Afraid.....rather than hope unsy succeeds...sorry...
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