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Re: Unsworth
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There isn't any magic formula for success. Martinez really bought into the club and started like a house on fire but that turned to shit. Koeman was the biggest name we've ever had but never really looked as if he wanted to be here and that turned to shit. Tuchel might be a great name and an exciting thought but he could have a hard time getting his ideas over in his first stab at English football and we may well have to pay off another manager in 18 months too.

All I've seen are smiling faces on the training ground and a very eloquent interview, backed up by a groundswell of goodwill. I think we'd be silly not to seriously consider the man, it's not as if he's some bloke off the street. He's got a very persuasive argument to put across for the job and whilst I'm not saying he should get it he should at least be given every opportunity to show that he's a very credible candidate for the club.

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