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Re: Unsworth
« on: October 26, 2017, 05:59:01 AM »
Love the guy. I really do. However, we can't hire him. If we are trying to build a CL team we need a big name that can recruit. We aren't plucky old Everton anymore. If he wants to be our manager he needs to go win big somewhere else. Let us hire him from a lesser club.

It pains me to say it. It does. He is a great servant to the club. But if we want to spend big and recruit with the best we need a name to go with it. One that not only can draw English talent but also German, Italian, French, etc. I don't want to see us win by grit or negative football. I want to see us play proactively and not just knick games against the big clubs. I want ambition and prestige to come back to us and feel that if we hire him it will be like LCFC hiring Shakespeare. We cannot be drawn into emotion but need to remain objective with what we want and who can get us there.

I realize I may receive flack from this post (mainly from those that don't consider me a true blue by being American and not have season tickets). However, I think what I say does have reason. I'm happy to debate and discuss though.
Said similar a few pages back or on a different thread, can't remember

Your opinion matters as much as anyone else BTW
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