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Re: Unsworth
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Also our thing should be we are number 1 for top prospects. We can't be number 1 for worldclass players but we can be the best place for young players who maybe wouldn't get in a Chelsea or city team yet
Unsworth would be perfect for that.

Honestly I think he's absolutely what we need. Someone to build fantastic team spirit, someone who appreciates the value of our youth teams, someone with genuine passion for the club
It appears he wants us to play aggressive pressing football. We aren't going to get relegated. I'd love to see him given this season to prove his value. Who on the list isn't a risk. We get to try before we buy with unsworth. Think he could be a great manager if we give him a go instead of being snobby about it

And no more Quixotic runs like the Rooney vanity project, which was so very West Ham of us.
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