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Re: Unsworth
« on: October 26, 2017, 11:20:05 PM »
Without trying to sound too down beat as the performance was better and there seemed to be much more desire, but its going to take more than a defeat against a second string Chelsea team to get me excited about the future or to strengthen Unsworths credentials to lead us forward. And whilst we stayed compact we still conceded and is it tactical awareness when he said he was only ever going to play McCarthy for 60 minutes, the game had to open up cause he was taking him off, it was premeditated and not necessarily reacting to the situation?

With the above said there were numerous plus points from the game but I think the next 2 games will be the real acid test as Leicester will surely have a boost following Puels appointment and Watford are flying, hope Beni gets a run out in the middle for them though.

Can we stop calling the likes of Willian , Kenedy , Batshuayi , Christensen , Zapacosta , Cahill , Pedro , Drinkwater , Moratta and Fabregas 2nd string . Given the comparative strength of both squads it was a great effort under the circumstances .

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