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Author Topic: Unsworth  (Read 48154 times)

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Re: Unsworth
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:55:56 AM »
He showed too much faith in certain players today.

Sigurdsson has shown over the last three seasons he's a top player whereas Rooney? No so much.

DCL isn't enough of a goal threat as much as I like him. Niasse would have been a better option, especially away from home.

Davies in a midfield 2 just doesn't work. Play Schneiderlin if he's fit enough to make the bench.

Not much choice in the back 4 so can't criticise him much. Perhaps Holgate for Kenny but even he gave away a stupid penalty against Lyon.

Might have even been better countering their back 3 with one of our own but that's hindsight.
I totally disagree with the niasse comment as away from home for me you need someone to make it stick

Sigurdsson has been poor since he signed and rooney had been nowhere near as bad so I go that

Didn't get the subs at all.... He came out in the paper this week saying he likes width, balls in the box etc so why take off two wingers??
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