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Re: Unsworth
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I don't see the point in having a striker to make it stick when he can't score goals anyway.

At least Niasse has a knack of scoring terrible goals

That performance from Niasse today showed why Koeman was so keen to ship him out and showed what pretty much everyone thought of him before Koeman came in. He didnt deserve the treatment he got but he is a poor player no way near the standard of a player we should be using.

I know he has got a few goals but you cant have a player in the team that has no idea himself what to do in a lot of situations. The shot he had where spannered it wide, the position he was in you have to curl for the top corner he strikes with a technique that sends it away from goal. The cross down in the corner, you are facing away from goal at a tough angle hitting as hard as you can like you are shooting isnt going to do anything other go behind straight away. He did a few of them for Hull cant understand what goes through the head at that point. And that touch when rooney played him in, not even close to be able to get near the ball to do anything with it.

DCL is very minimal goal threat and really shouldnt be starting for us but there are no options. Niasse certainly starting games and absolutely on his own is just not possible in my opinion. Touch awful, no awareness and I'd be amazed if the players arent hesitant about giving the ball to him.

It is very desperate times that DCL is a regular starter for him and that Niasse is the next option as I dont think either are as good as Enner Valencia and he got ridiculed last season because he wasnt very good either.

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