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Re: Unsworth
« on: October 30, 2017, 03:32:47 AM »
As for Unsworth what I found strange was he made such a big thing about wanting wide players in the team, lots of crosses. We have the first half today where Lennon was one of the better players, Mirallas involved to a point. The big problem was being wide open, the two centre midfielders were awful in the half and we left them too much space to break on us. Then he changes it and goes ultra narrow second half, if width is the way you want to play like he stated then why not try and solve the problem in the middle and try and get a grip on the game that way without completely ripping up your plan and trying something completely different second half?

I know Sigurdsson has been poor but we know the level he can be so not sure why he is so far down the list to be used given our problems creating and scoring.

It's like he thought the crowd want width and us to be adventurous so went to be bold. However when we are playing this badly it isnt easy to switch it to being good to watch, attacking and creating lots of chances. Normally it comes from being solid, get a few results and when confidence comes the team improves. Just feels like should have made sure that middle was more secure first half either by having a midfield 3 and not playing Rooney or DCL, or made sure Rooney and the wide players tucked in more when we lost the ball.

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