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Re: Unsworth
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Iíve never really rated Mirallas up top, always thought that option was a non-starter but due to our appauling options and the fact he doesnít offer much from the wing he might be something of a goal threat up top. Not a target, but maybe a through ball from Rooney to Lennon would be up his street. I just donít think this DCL approach can keep going, aside from the game against Man City itís so non-effective.

Our attacking options must be the worst in the league. Or very close to it. I was even starting to wonder if there are any free agents out there, itís that bad.

Maybe with Barkley back soon we can do away with Rooney in midfield and have him up top with another.

Whenever I've watched a PL game this season I look and think would all the strikers on the pitch get in our team. When I can't find many arguments against Sam Vokes and Benik Afobe getting in our team you know we are in serious trouble in that position!!

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