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Re: Unsworth
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:29:59 PM »
Thought he showed some astute management for someone in his position with his subs at half time.

He could've easily pandered to the crowd, opened the game up even more and chased the goal. We would've been 3-0 down within five minutes looking at the end of a thrashing.

Instead he consolidated, made us more narrow and we controlled the game better.

The game was already lost at half time like, but that could've been a lot worse.

It seemed panicked to me.

They were already 2-0 up and more than happy to see the game out.

Bar Rooney’s ball to Niasse we created no decent chances because they were happy to let us have the ball as we only had Rooney with any ingenuity about him.

You don’t need two run in behind Strikers against a team that’s happy to sit back.

Not bringing on Sigurdsson until 10 mins to go (and then for Rooney) was poor too.

If he wanted to tighten up the game then changing at least one of the CMs for a sitter would have at least meant that we maintained some of the only good things from the first half (Rooney to Lennon).

That’s all based on how he’d been bigging up width etc sonitd would have had to have been a fairly seismic shift in realisation of things to abandon it all completely.

All seemed very naive.

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