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Re: Unsworth
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So you'd have more confidence in a manager that has been sacked on 2 of his last 3 appointments and left the other after getting them relegated cause he didnt want the fight, and a manager that has no experience managing, with the exception of U23s, who got it woefully wrong against Leicester over a manager that has never been relegated, generally improves teams, albeit his style of play may not be to everyone's taste and got enough recognition to manage his National team?
I dont want Allardyce to take over and think we should be aiming much, much higher but Moyes and Unsworth would be a farcical appointment if we do have plans on progressing, even more so than Sam.

I am saying that allerdyce is not much of a better option,  and i would prefer him not to be associated with the club in any way. And for all moyes faults. He did some goos stuff and brought some veryvtalentes players in, on a paltey budget, and if your judging unsworth after two games against two sides much better than us, thats pathetic. Barely a week to assess and sort all the issues we have is beyond any manager imo.
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