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Re: Unsworth
« on: November 01, 2017, 10:15:29 PM »
I'm still fully on board with Unsworth, I can understand why people are panicking or want more reassurance about what it means longer term. 2 games and we lost them both, but both difficult away games with team bereft of confidence. You're not always going to start every game as you intend, but in both games we adapted and improved.

Chelsea game, Conte has best PL win ratio, a manager who has received no end of plaudits for tactics when winning title last year. As game went on he had plenty of reason to worry.

Against Leicester we could have been more cynical with Gray, and I think Davies and Rooney wore that frustration for rest of the match. Also you can't really legislate for Kenny swiping as a cross like that, you have to get behind the ball, if you can't make a strong connection. As game wore on, we were 2 down to a team setup to counter attack with pace. We actually did come back into the game, despite the the obvious risks and dangers, we largely limited them after early mistakes.

I think November has a lot of more winnable matches and I think Unsworth would start picking up wins and points, I'm just not sure he'll be given time or support to do so.

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