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Re: Unsworth
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Celtic or Olympiakos a thousand times over, obviously.

If you can tell me another manager whoís won something at u-21/23 level Iíll be blown away. Nobody gives a shit.

Itís like if a striker scores at youth level - great, nice to hear, good sign certainly but the minute heís got his big boy pants on all that evaporates and itís time to prove yourself for real.

Guardiola won 4th Division with Barcelona B in 2008 - Won treble with Barcelona 2009
Zidane won Segunda Division B in 2016 - Took over halfway through season, won CL, then League and CL next season.

Tuchel won U19 Championship with Mainz - Finished 9th and then 5th with Mainz in Bundesliga

Howe was a youth coach at Bournemouth before taking over in 2009, 17 points adrift, got them safe and finished 2nd next season.

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