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Re: Unsworth
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I agree to a point but we look dreadful at the back too. It's not the style of football it's the quality. I think we are in a lot more trouble than most realise. We are bad rather than not entertaining

I don't disagree with what you say . However , Unsworth started with a hopelessly disjointed team with zero confidence  , almost certainly out of Europe and absolutely no style of play . We had to start picking up points and 4 out of a possible 9 is better than the probable zero we would have under Koeman . Confidence is fragile and I agree the way Pickford , Jags and Keane are playing we could so easily ( and maybe should have ) lost our last 2 league games . But we haven't and that transfers some pressure onto the teams around us and 1 point can so easily become 3 against the likes of WBA , Swansea or any other team around us whose fans are getting on the teams back . Till the board make a decision the fans owe it to the team to get behind them and lift performances instead of righting us off .

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