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Re: Unsworth
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I don't disagree with what you say . However , Unsworth started with a hopelessly disjointed team with zero confidence  , almost certainly out of Europe and absolutely no style of play . We had to start picking up points and 4 out of a possible 9 is better than the probable zero we would have under Koeman . Confidence is fragile and I agree the way Pickford , Jags and Keane are playing we could so easily ( and maybe should have ) lost our last 2 league games . But we haven't and that transfers some pressure onto the teams around us and 1 point can so easily become 3 against the likes of WBA , Swansea or any other team around us whose fans are getting on the teams back . Till the board make a decision the fans owe it to the team to get behind them and lift performances instead of righting us off .

Based on 4 points out of 9, that hit rate will leave us on 46 points and surely safe. So while Rhino hasn't magically fixed us, nor is our form with him that bad and certain to get us relegated. And that ignores the prospect of us buying players in January.

It won't be a fun season to watch (barring an FA Cup miracle) but that has been a given for a couple of months anyway.

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