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Re: Unsworth
« on: November 21, 2017, 09:42:38 PM »
Unsworth is the best man for the job by far.

He was not responsible for summer signings and the discordant performances he inherited just three weeks ago. Consider the last matches against good opposition away from home, with Crystal Palace also now showing good performances under Hodgeson. Only ONE fixture at home - that Everton won in spectacular fashion after an epic second half performance. Keep a perspective on what he has had to face and give the man the chance to show his mettle!

Next match also away ... this has been a really difficult run of games and no manager would have sorted it out in such a short space of time. He needs the board's backing - and also the fans for all his work. There are no magic managers ready to wave a magic wand. He needs the backing of the board right now ...otherwise they undermine his position with the staff and players.

I think you're delusional. Spectacular implies brilliance. The game was exciting and it was a good comeback but we got extremely lucky. If their keeper doesn't get injured we get beat comfortably in all probability. If they score their penalty we definitely don't win
Also palace are a good team now? Based on what? They dominated us too/ the stats are truly horrible. The sort of numbers Barca rack up in terms of passing and possession.

The only game we played well in was the Chelsea game. I'm really not sure what you're seeing in them performances which shows us improving or unsworth winning any tactical battles

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