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Would we have taken those 4 points under koeman? Not a chance. The players have shown spirit to come back and get those results. He's come in to a total mess, he hasn't had a full week with the squad to prepare for games, it's been interrupted by European games and international breaks, I think he's done ok and got some results. You're mad if you think someone is going to come in and fix that defence immediately. He's had 1 home game and won it. The rest have been mostly tough away games to Chelsea, lyon, Leicester and an improving palace.

You must be joking. Gifts from the ref, Speroni and Cleverley gave us those results. Good luck to you if you hope performances like that will get us results long term.
I didn't think he would fix the mess (and that's why I wasn't overly enthusiastic about sacking Koeman). It was a bit naive to hope that U23 coach would be better than the manager who had finished 7th, 6th and 7th in his 3 years in the prem. You'll never know till you try though. He tried and it's obvious hes just not ready. Game against Chelsea was his best, from then we've been degrading with every game.

I feel for Rhino. He was put on the spot by the board. And knowing that he is still in charge just because those mugs can't sort out the replacement doesn't help him.

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