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Re: Unsworth
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I was one of those who said 'let's see what Unsworth has got' and judge him on the team's performances rather than him 'getting us' or any of that nonsense.

And fair enough, he hasn't been up to it. He's been naive and overly attacking in his lineups. As others have said he should've set us up to be solid and tried to nick games.

But, on top of that, it's absurd that a caretaker manager should be in charge for this long. Footballers are human beings whose lives are like children. Everything is done for them and organised for them. So authority is a crucial thing. Having a man telling them to do things, who they all know won't be there soon is a massive authority vacuum. It's like a supply teacher coming in for a few weeks. The kids know that person doesn't have the proper authority and accountability, so whatever they say out loud, they will be thinking 'yeah sound mate, who are you again, and why should I do this really difficult thing you're asking me to do, when you're nothing more than a fill-in' and that's human nature.

So yes, he has shown himself to be ill-equipped for the job, but the horror show above him once again has to take a lot of the blame.
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