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Author Topic: Ross Barkley. Will he, or won't he?  (Read 45169 times)

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Re: Ross Barkley. Will he, or won't he?
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Pinched this from TEF, it's pretty much spot on

If he wants to leave to further his career, that's fine. None of us like it, but we should be used to it by now; Rooney, Lescott, Arteta, Pienaar, Fellaini, Stones, Deulofeu, Lukaku - it's nothing new for us to sell our best players.

I know we aren't a top team and haven't been for years, so as much as we hate it and might feel we're a big club, we just have to accept that. We all thought we could spend our way to competing with the best teams, but as we've seen this season, that's proving to be much harder than we might've thought - and that's down to the idiots identifying the targets.

With Barkley, the thing that's really got me is the summer and how he's shafted us of 10-20m.

He had a move to the Premier League champions. A team that wins a trophy every other year. A team in the Champions League. With World Class Players. World Class Manager... They wanted him in August. He was in the building.

But instead of signing, for whatever reason, he's decided to stay with us, to let us get him back fit, have him mixing with our squad like a bad apple - when really he should be somebody else's problem.

And crucially, in making that little decision, he's done a number on the club. The club he's meant to support, no less.

Listen - I do think he was subjected to unnecessary jeers from the Goodison crowd, I don't agree with the Koeman method of public criticism and I do think the club took his 'Evertonian-ism' for granted by not offering him improved terms far quicker (when they've been handing out 6 figure contracts to much worse players for a while now).

However (and I think this outweighs that)... This is the club who gave him the platform to be the player he's become, stuck with him when he had a potentially career ending injury, nursed him back to fitness time after time (even now) and allegedly the club he supports.

So like I say, if he wants to play at a higher level - fine. But not running a contract down like this, it's rat behaviour.

And if he goes to Spurs - a side who win as many trophies as we do currently (ie none). It's just shocking to be honest.

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