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Author Topic: [News]Unsworth: Beni loves a tackle  (Read 8066 times)

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Re: [News]Unsworth: Beni loves a tackle
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To be honest im losing track of where Klaassen can and cant play? I thought he would have suited a 3 in midfield as by all accounts hes more of a box to box midfielder, similar to Davies.

Yeah I think he looks to be most similar to Davies. So in Koeman's tactic of 2 holding DM's and a number 10 neither really fitted in this season. He might have done better in the system we seemed to have last year where we had Gana and Davies as the runners in midfield and then our number 10 (Barkley) played from the left. But then we've tried putting Sig there and it's not worked.

Ah to be a football manager eh?

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