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Re: Leicester City v Everton
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I think he will keep a basis of the team and shape.

 I'd be surprised if he didn't keep Kenny he was much better second half presume he got instruction to get forward and support the attacks more. Maybe Keane for Williams?

I'd imagine he will go with a midfield 3 of Gueye, Davies and Schneiderlin if he is well enough. And front 3 of Rooney, Mirallas and possibly Gylfi. Which as long as he made sure Mirallas holds his width having one narrow wide player isn't the end of the world. The problem comes when the instructions arent there or players dont follow instructions and everyone comes central.

I'd still be tempted to have DCL on his own over Rooney. Hard one because Rooney looks much more of a goal threat and we dont have many of them but I do feel we lack a lot in mobility and having a target if he is on his own. You have to be very accurate with balls into him and everything is in to feet which is much easier for defenders to deal with.

If you want to start Rooney, you need 2 up top.  Otherwise, there's no point.
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