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Author Topic: Leicester City v Everton  (Read 28395 times)

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Re: Leicester City v Everton
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He's not far wrong imo.
I was quite pleased with that side Unsworth put out against Chelsea, bar Williams and Rooney (especially upfront).
The fact of the matter is the likes of Sigurdsson, Klassen and Sandro are all on their knees as far as recent performances and form go. Rooney is pretty much at this same level now for the foreseeable. The fact it's a toss of a coin who should start between the four of them tells you everything.
Once Unsy gets a system going and regular performances, Rooney shouldn't be anywhere near starting most games.
if unsworth gets the job till the end of the season Rooney be p!aying in most of the games, because Unsworth knows a player,you don't.

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