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Author Topic: Leicester City v Everton  (Read 29943 times)

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Re: Leicester City v Everton
« on: October 28, 2017, 07:31:25 PM »
I can't understand how any fan wants the top scorer out of the side ,it baffles me beyond belief and I think this poor passing ,wandering is because he has got his dream return and is just trying too hard all the time , we just need to give it all time to settle , well at least until 4PM Sunday

I haven't said I do. I was making an observation of his passing in recent games. A player of Rooney's experience should not be getting caught up in the 'trying to hard' motion. He's not a kid breaking through desperate to make it. He's a seasoned pro who has played in the biggest club games there are. You'd think he'd be able to bring a bit of calm to his game to improve
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