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Author Topic: Leicester City v Everton  (Read 29600 times)

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Re: Leicester City v Everton
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:39:53 AM »
Some things which I noticed today.

I know Williams and Jags are old but they were rarely troubled today by any of their attackers and I thought they contained them pretty well. Both the goals weren't their fault.

Gana and Davies are a disaster which has been mentioned before as they both lack positional sense and we looked better defensively when Beni came in the mix. I think one of Beni or big Morgs has to start every game and I think we miss someone like Barry in this team.

Taking off Lennon and Mirallas and replacing them with central players was bizarre and devoided us of any shape in the 2nd half. Even though we pressed them hard, we just didn't know what to do with the ball or create something which would put their defence under pressure. We just lack players in the middle of the park who could bring other players in the game like Arteta or Pienaar, even Barkley did a better job than our current players.

With the players we have with us, we just cannot afford to go behind as we don't have enough quality to break open any kind of defence. So I think we should ensure that we keep our defence tight and then hope that the game is more open at the other end for our attackers to do something about it. It's pretty much game over for us the time we go behind.

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