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Author Topic: Interesting article...is it fair?  (Read 2468 times)

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Re: Interesting article...is it fair?
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:55:59 PM »
Nope and that's why the appointment of the next manager is huge.I think if we make unsy manager it's smacks of small time to me and we need to clear the decks of all this family fucking club shit how many clubs have a core of ex players running though it,we can forget about top managers and players like Sanchez and Ancholotti coming here unless Moshiri grows a pair starts sorting us out and the first thing is to take Kenwright and elstone out of the picture.

You want Everton to become a standard faceless interchangable with one of 50 teams club? 

Me, I'm made up Everton is a family club who values its history and tries to do what it can for its former players if theyre qualified to do so.

I love what we do through EITC.  I love how well our former players speak of us.  I love how a lot of players and officials not connected to the club speak about us and how they felt when visiting Goodison.

Theres things that we've done that don't befit the clubs history, yes.  Moshiri's relationship with Jim White being one of them.  But to say its small time to potentially promote our U23 title winning coach who's in his third spell with the club, who talks so well and with such enthusiasm, who's done his badges and been away and learned the ropes elsewhere doesnt even get to be considered just because your gobshite mates might make a comment about it being 'small time'?  Fuck off.

You're just a fucking crank who if you won the lottery you'd moan it wasnt a rollover week.
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