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Sanchez wanted
« on: October 29, 2017, 12:43:42 PM »
Unbelievable that someone gets paid to write that shit...although Moshiri is starting to look a bit of an attention-seeking, delusional, cringe-bag - so could might be something in it...something in Moshiri wanting him, that is, not it actually happening.

I want us to show some fucking balls to get a striker  but we have to be realistic - act like one of the big boys; tap the fuck out of our target and turn his head with . Not easy to get a top player in January but even a good player would be an upgrade on what we have and we pay people well to act on our behalf. If we're still chasing the likes on Sanchez in the last week of January, I'll be fucking fuming. How much time have we wasted chasing unrealised targets?!

Apparently Mino Raiola was acting on our behalf to get Babacar from Fiorentina on deadline day, which is encouraging. He's the kind of horrible bastard we want on our side.
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