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Author Topic: Sanchez wanted  (Read 2822 times)

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Re: Sanchez wanted
« on: October 29, 2017, 04:56:25 PM »
People moaned when we showed no ambition.

Folk are still moaning now that we’re showing ambition.

Everton that.

There's showing ambition, then there is being daft.

One of the best players in the world wanting to leave a club who has been in the CL every year bar 1 in the last 20 years, won 3 FA Cups recently but wants to leave them because he doesnt believe they can win the league or the CL. There is not one argument, even throwing 500k a week at him, that would make him consider coming to us when he can sign a pre contract with Bayern, PSG or whoever in January and still get about 250k-300k a week.

Ambition is going after the best players we might have a chance of getting, it's delusion to think Sanchez would think about coming to us.

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