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Re: Rooney...
« on: October 30, 2017, 07:21:27 PM »
I agree that our complete inability to pass the ball from front-to-back is encouraging him to come looking for the ball in really harmless areas.

But it's not only that as let's face it he's been doing it for at least five years for both Man Utd and England. He is the only player we have with any quality and an actual pair of bollocks but there is a price in that it does unbalance us.

It should improve with some actual coaching though when we appoint a new manager.

Common thread (apart from Rooney himself ;) ) is that a) were shite b) England have always been shite c) United were shite / dull shite for all of that time too.

Yesterday was awful yet had DCL not stepped over the ball and Niasse not been Niasse hed have been the most crucial part of 2 goals so him looking for the ball wouldnt have been a problem.

If he was taking the ball off Pirlo itd be (more of) an issue.

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