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Re: Rooney...
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I cant believe im doing this again!!

'Koeman chose to freeze out Niasse' - you honestly think hes good enough? I bet when the new manager comes in and we get a striker we rarely, if at all, see Niasse again, and there is a reason for that.
'Koeman knew Lukaku would not be signing' So did the board, the board chose not to sign anyone as they deemed them too expensive, hardly Koemans fault.
'Koeman stated we needed to share the goals around' - we got Sigurdsson, Klassen and Rooney so they did that, with a striker they'd have someone to run off, someone to hold the ball up and probably would do this
'Koeman failed Everton miserably' - Did he phuck, he had his pants pulled down by the board by not signing a recognised striker. Koeman did have his flaws but some people on here would lay global warming and world famine at his feet given half the chance, when in reality a good majority of his ability to do his job was removed by failures above him.

What a complete load of old wank .

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