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Author Topic: Dogs of war  (Read 1651 times)

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Re: Dogs of war
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We don't have midfielders who have anything about them to make us hard to beat though. The likes of Schneiderlin and Gueye aren't going to instil any fear into opposing players. On a good day Gueye is a pest and I'm not actually too sure what Schneiderlin does anymore. Davies is a kid in poor form at the minute and McCarthy and Besic may as well not be at the club.

At the minute we're trying to put extra bodies in the middle in the hope increased numbers might crowd the area out but it isn't working, teams can still walk through the middle of the park and then they're confronted with dads army on the edge of their own 6 yard box.

I'm not sure what the answer is as we've pretty much seen every permutation across the park so far and nothing works. I wouldn't take that job if I was a manager of decent standing, needs major surgery on it and some proper men bringing in with a bit of bottle and fight about them.

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