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Author Topic: Which striker to go for in January?  (Read 36855 times)

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Re: Which striker to go for in January?
« on: November 13, 2017, 02:16:50 PM »
There's so much of the season to go that it's ridiculous to say we're a relegation contender when we're only four points from 8th place.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. We've been diabolical all season and we're currently 15th. Nobody thought Chelsea would get relegated in 2015-16 when they were 16th after 12 games and we won't either. We've got rid of our manager, no Europe to 'distract' and some key players to come back from injury whilst things already look on the up after beating Watford.

The hysterical mindset is annoying.

Yeah but we don’t look like we’ve been unlucky, we look absolute shite and we’ve been lucky to get the wins we’ve had - a late pen, a mad Oumar-powered comeback and the oppo missing a pen etc.

If we looked like we were playing well but just hitting the post or whatever then yeah sound, but we absolutely deserve to be bottom 3 and the next 3 games are absolutely vital to our survival - Palace, Huddersfield and West Ham.
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