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Author Topic: I didn't realise we were so bad until......  (Read 911 times)

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I didn't realise we were so bad until......
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:12:51 AM »
I watched the Brighton v Soton game on rerun today and saw that even lowly Brighton were an entertaining, in-your-face sort of outfit with skills, passion, a will to get involved and playing for each other.
 Everton on the other hand are slow, with a ponderous build-up. OK on the break if you have a good striker, but we don't have a good striker and don't break. We have players without individual skills, have no daring, who hide behind opposition players so they don't get the ball, don't make themselves available and don't support their team mates. There appears to be no plan, or at least what plan there is, is left over from Martinez's days. Koeman made little impact other than buying a heap of players seemingly who can't play together and Unsy is trying desperately to instil some sense of urgency into the players (under 23s mostly) who are off the boil in a big way.

When was it that you reckoned that we were so bad?
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