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Re: talksport
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tried ringing the show twice, but they've buttoned me, shitbag, so i sent the moon faced turd an email

how can cundy sit there behind a microphone giving unsworth stick and trying to fat shame him. firstly , he wouldn't say it to his face because he hasn't got the bottle. secondly, he was never good enough to lace his boots, cundy was a second rate player and thats giving him a complement. and thirdly winning the reserve team league proves he is good enough to do the job and teach the academy and under 23s, what did you ever put back into the game you moon faced turd, and are you still being supported financially by your ex lizzie, who you walked out on and left her with 2 young kids. you cant call anyone names cundy, you coward

Nice one boothill, I donít mind an Evertonians having an opinion on out manager but I fucking hate outsiders like Cunty, Rednapp and Phil Neville slagging us off

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