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Re: talksport
« on: October 31, 2017, 05:53:02 AM »
ive decided i'm going to annoy the prick for a while anyway
just emailed talksport complaints, probably ignore me like

i wish to complain about Jason cundy with regards to the comments he's been making this evening monday 30th october.
he has been making nasty, derogatory comments aimed at larger people, calling them fat, scruffy, lumps of lard and thunder thighs, to give you a few and an idea of what this person has been saying. i understand its a fun show, but he has gone to far and crossed the line, he has a responsibility to broadcast sensibly . this has been nothing other than targeted and bullying on behalf of talksport and i will be writing to ofcom to express my views and feelings to them
i hope to hear from you soon

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