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Re: talksport
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Both of them have made themselves look a pair of uninformed cunts. He doesn't look like a manager, he's a bad example, overweight, get Fat Sam in. Barton attacked Unsworth for having no experience, ignoring 3 years in youth management. Then criticises Carragher for not taking up coaching role at Liverpool to go into punditry.

The most infuriating bit is it'll be these nobheads complaining about not giving young english managers a chance when it suits. Why don't we promote youth coaches like Bundesliga.

Whatever you're concerns or worries about Unsworth. He won under 23 league last year, we had 5 players who were in under 20s that won World Cup. This has been easily the best results for junior English teams on World stage. Brazil in 2003, are only other country to have won Under 17 and under 20 World Cup in same season.

I don't listen to talksport, but I do feel like putting a complaint in too. Imagine criticising a young player making his way into the first team after a couple of games in such a personal way, having done no research.

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