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Re: talksport
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I listened to a bit of it and Jason cundys comments have been taken way out of context by a few cranks on here.

I showed some of the stuff written on this forum to a mate who also listened and he was also gobsmacked at some of the cranks on this forum.

The show is light hearted, it’s on 10pm - 1am. From midnight until 1am the show has themes such as ‘what’s going on’ where people tell stories or blankey blank.

More importantly , Jason Cundys comments where clearly jovial. Please listen for yourself, there is a play back option and a podcast.

Cundy also said his main issue with Unsworth as Everton’s permanent manager was not his size but his lack of experience and clear tactical limitations as shown in the 2 games he has managed.
That managing a u23 team is completely different to managing a first 11 in a cut throat league.

None of those points have been mentioned by the people moaning and taking things it of context on this thread.

Please see the context, see the style of show this is and listen to it for yourself - EDUCATE YOURSELF  :D

Btw, Cundys minor point is wrong that size matters. If Messi was fat but scored 50 in a season in the royal blue I wouldn’t care.
has you say, you listened to a bit of it, i listened to it all, and there were no jovial meanings to cundy's comments, he would not let up and began aiming them elsewhere. he was a spiteful,nasty bully last night.
i nurse people who have virtually zero self esteem or self worth, usually brought on by the type of verbal abuse cundy  was saying, and it was verbal abuse.I listened to what he was saying about unsworths experience as a manager, and this was fairly correct, but this was 2nd fiddle to his main topic which was obesity, he continued with this topic saying he wouldnt employ ''them'' if it was up to him.
The fact that you have come on here, saying it was jovial, not bullying, calling your peers names and telling them to educate themselves, says more about you than ''the cranks'' thank you.

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