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Author Topic: Everton approach Dyche  (Read 9989 times)

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Re: Everton approach Dyche
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Also I fundamentally disagree with two points.

He's not done an amazing job. He's done a fairly good job in keeping a team with a reasonable chance of staying up in the league.

Secondly, manager's don't adapt. It's a myth. They have methods and an approach to the game which they stick with and those methods condition how far their teams go and how far up the food chain that manager will succeed. I could list a thousand examples. He's not gonna come here and start playing more expansive football. We'd set up like Burnley. That's better than what we have now so nothing wrong with that but it's not a recipe for achieving anything of note now or ever.

The team that had a reasonable chance of staying up is the team that he got promoted when they weren't fancied either. He's built a mid table championship side into a side that look like they will stay up 2 seasons running (comfortably this time) on a budget a fraction of his championship rivals and now on a budget a fraction of his premier league rivals. You've obviously got high standards. What would have been a great job from where he started 5 years ago? They are 7th now. 1st? Champions of Europe. Win a World Cup?

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