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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:18:41 AM »
Think we are in some trouble if we continue with some of the same team selections that simply haven't worked

Unsworth has had only two games in charge and, despite getting the midfield wrong against Leicester, he hasn't put out anything like some of the shambolic teams that Koeman picked. Players are being chosen in their natural positions, our spacing is good, and we've actually been able to control the ball some. Another week on the training ground should see even better organization and less of the individual errors that cost us goals last week (losing Rudiger on a corner kick, Davies and Gana pursuing the ball too aggressively after a free kick, Kenny missing his clearance).

I still honestly believe that Unsworth is the right man until May. Results are on the way. Only a little more patience is required.
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