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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:07:27 AM »
I hope you're right. To be honest I'm not desperate for us to make an appointment. I'd be reasonably happy with a few on the list (including the 2 names people seem horrified by) but I'm also not massively delighted by any of them.

I do have a real issue with Sandro and Vlasic not being in the squad though and lookman not getting any minutes. Tend to think all 3 decisions aren't easy to explain away.
Think if DCL plays til Jan we'll be in the bottom 3 at least til then. We have to search for something that works better and the fact that the other obvious option in sandro wasn't even in contention I find a massive worry

We agree on Vlasic. He's earned the right to be in the starting eleven.

I understand the logic behind dropping Sandro... for now. He's had trouble with basic things like controlling the ball with his first touch and he's generally been shy about getting into the penalty area. I do agree that he needs another look, though. He's shown some nice direct passing, which we're really hurting for, and he's likely to look a lot better in a functional side.

Early indications are that Unsworth likes Lookman, as evidenced by him being on the bench ahead of Vlasic and Sandro. He will get his chances given time.

I'd actually add some players to your list. At some point, Unsworth has to bring Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, and Klaassen back into the team. All of those players are capable of contributing something, with the former two probably being worthy of starting places if they get back to even average form. Sigurdsson is going to be particularly important. For a team that has trouble scoring, set pieces are essential. And he's obviously capable of much better deliveries than what we've seen so far (see any of his Swansea seasons).

So, yeah. Unsworth's not been perfect but I still think there's a lot of promise in what he's shown so far.
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