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Author Topic: Perspective  (Read 17986 times)

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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 04:23:30 AM »
Made up with this thread☺ ...Unsy has had two games to sort out Koemans fucking debacle and some are losing their shit (fucking Allardyce )really ffs.

80 odd points on offer and people are desperate allready ...when was the last time someone was relagated before Christmas ?.
I'm far to optimistic or 'arrogant' allegedly to some to want that bung taking twat at our healm .
I donít want Allerdyce. But Ďperspectiveí goes both ways. Mineís based on what Iíve witnessed this season. Obviously hope Iím wrong and more than happy to call myself out as being a big panicky gobshite if we turn a corner.

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