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Author Topic: Perspective  (Read 12756 times)

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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:54:45 PM »
I fail that believe that the loss of solely Lukaku, as important as he was, means that we go from 15 points clear of 8th to the worst side in the league.

Its stretching things pessimistically quite some way considering that we have actually signed players, half of them proven in the PL to improve the other areas of the pitch.

So based on that it must be taken into account that we are at the lowest possible ebb of our form and therefore, yes we do look awful.

But the other teams down there are like that every year. Theyre not going to get any better across the season.

Some, if not all, like Burnley, that are doing well will get worse as the season goes on.

Weve sacked a manager because he couldnt get his points across to a group of players that should be doing better.

Anyone thinking that were the worst team in the league must surely not agree with sacking Koeman unless its based purely on a relative level of influence over not signing a striker?

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