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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 07:19:34 PM »
It's easy to write on a forum that we'll get a few wins, I agree with you there.

I do worry that the league has passed us by a bit in recent years - teams aren't scared of anyone anymore and most teams have invested in their sides, which is why us signing a load of players isn't getting us ahead of anyone.

We do have a number of players over the hill, without doubt. They need replacing desperately, but these aren't the issue currently.

My issue lies with Schniederlin and Gueye the most - seasoned pros supposedly in their prime who are doing absolutely shite all week in week out.

I do think we need to edge a win out of somewhere and suddenly confidence improves and results follow.

It's been a horrendous start, the worst imaginable really. But it's only been 10 games.

We can't jump the gun and get an Allardyce in - it paints us as a clueless and small time club. We need to have faith in Unsworth.

Could be worse though - imagine Niasse hadn't scored them goals against Bournemouth :(

Or a last minute penalty against Brighton.

It's also 17 games not just 10. In those 17 games we've wrote off the league, bombed our best chance of a trophy and virtually out of Europe, the competition which was supposed to herald the new dawn to Everton, international exposure to our new project.

I agree about Schneiderlin and Gueye, quite why we needed to give him a new contract at this time I don't know. I remember the days when you had to be pulling up trees to get a payrise now you just have to be able bodied, as evidenced with Mirallas too.

Still, three points at weekend and everyone will be talking about 7th again.

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