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Author Topic: Perspective  (Read 17994 times)

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Re: Perspective
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:22:03 AM »
Players + Manager neither one are right.

My word Barkley can't get back soon enough. At least we can push Rooney up then and maybe he can score a goal.

I'm so flipping tired of trying to shoehorn DCL in as our main striker. He just isn't ready. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, what are other people seeing as the benefits of repeatedly trying it, bar one half versus Man City?

Itís not because heís good itís just because heís a certain profile of player that we donít otherwise have. All first half balls over the top where bouncing off their cbís kite and Gylfi couldnít get near it. DCL knows the role of run run run jump jump jump so the idea is play a not that good but right type of player as a 9.

I think heís a good player and if we were doing wel this year it would have been great to blood him and see him a bit... it the fact we are relying on him is a crime.
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