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Author Topic: [News]Blues make Dyche their number one target  (Read 7804 times)

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Re: [News]Blues make Dyche their number one target
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:15:54 AM »
Looking at this objectively. He may not be the 'name' we crave or think we need to push on but he is someone who has learnt his trade and brought a team up and who are now competing in the PL. We often talk about the glass ceiling and maybe at another club he can smash through that ceiling in a way he's not able to at Burnley. When people compare Moyes' failure at Utd I think that's unfair. Moyes was always on a loser taking that job after SAF, if he'd have come in after LVG I think he may have had more success.

Dyche not my first choice but he's no where near my bottom choice. This article may have been posted before but it's a fair read and gives me some optimism if he is appointed

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