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Re: Moshiri
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:48:14 AM »
I don't like the man. The Panorama programme solidified this impression even if the material isn't completely proven. Also listening to Everton Business Matters fawn over him really annoys me, which is a shame as its a good podcast.

The main reason I dislike him apart from him basically using sales to cover spending on players,  is I firmly believe the ground move to the city centre has sod all to do with benefitting the club/fans and more to do with making HIM more money. Walton will suffer, the atmosphere will suffer, fans will suffer and possibly even the team may suffer. However the club will be more profitable for Mr Moshiri.

Jack Walker was no angel, but he died recently and some of our fans are so wide-eyed on Moshiri you almost wonder whether they have been led to believe the club for him is a labour of love. It isn't. It was for Bill Kenwright and he wasn't any good either. Moshiri is a capitalist out for his own pocket and seeking to commercialize our club into 'Brand Everton' and take it away from our origins. Fans are falling for that way too easily in my opinion. If he didn't have money I would see no difference between him and the Hull/Cardiff chairman who had no prior connection/commitment to their clubs either.
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We may agree/disagree but its all about opinions/debate and thats what makes football/supporting Everton amazing.

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