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Re: Everton v Watford
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:45:50 PM »
I agree with this but might have to wait until we’re more confident and able to express ourselves more.

If next 5 games see three 0-0s and two 1-0 wins then great.

Definitely need one more attacking midfielder in there from yesterday. For home games at least.

I can see the logic in that. Still, I can't handle another 60/90 minutes of watching attack after attack die at his feet. I think the defensive issues you're rightfully concerned about are as much to do with our wastefulness in possession as they are to do with having sub-par individual defenders. And Gana is the king of the wasteful-in-possession players.

Sigurdsson and Davies are both responsible, if unspectacular, defenders. I think we can live with the two of them in box-to-box roles in front of a genuine holding player. Especially since my head won't be dropping every time they touch the ball in or around the final third.
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