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Author Topic: The Grand Plan  (Read 2007 times)

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Re: The Grand Plan
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:16:35 PM »
How far off course do you think we are in regards to Moshiri and his short/long term plans for the club?

It’s a fair assumption to think the board would’ve budgeted for us finishing between 4th-7th in the league - that obviously seems a bit unrealistic now and that shortfall will have to be covered. Couple that with the fact that the squad needs ANOTHER overhaul (when the board planned an assault on the top 4 with what we have)...will the club spend what’s required to get us competitive again?

What if that requires another £150m? Does the club actually have that kind of money?

Does Moshiri have the stomach for it?

Does the above affect our ability to gain sponsors for the new stadium?

The money we have spent has been the clubs to spend - not Moshiri's.
TV revenue money means we can have another net of £50-75m without blinking next summer.

But i actually think we may have gone 2 steps backward this year. We're probably in a worse state than we have been for a while.
Martinez's 11th place finishes was bad and well below where we wanted.

But we're as bad as one of the low points during Moyes' yo-yo years.
Holding out for the next transfer window knowing we wont really be able to solve the issue. (Then it was because we had no money, now it's because nobody of sufficient quality will want to join us).

Whenever Moyes started a season terribly (never this bad though? Not checked) he always pulled it out the bag from Christmas on. (or vice versa).

Target 1: Get to be as good as we were during the terrible Martinez years
Target 2: Get back to being the best of the rest
target 3: Break the top 6 (which was the hope for this season/next)

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