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Re: Panorama
« on: November 06, 2017, 02:18:05 AM »
A spokesman for Moshiri confirmed to the Guardian that Usmanov’s Epion, a British Virgin Islands company, paid for the whole Arsenal stake. However, the spokesman said this did not show the whole picture of the relations between them, and Moshiri had paid Usmanov for his half-share of the initial Arsenal stake using money Moshiri had in his own separate investment company.

“This cash payment [for the Arsenal shares] was funded by a 2007 dividend that Mr Moshiri received from an investment company which was 100% beneficially owned by Mr Moshiri. All of this is meticulously laid out in contractual agreements between the two parties,” the spokesman said.

“It is clear that Mr Moshiri’s participation in Red and White originated from his own funds and that Mr Moshiri is a person of very significant independent wealth, and this was already true in 2007.”

The Guardian has been shown a document in which Epion did acknowledge receiving payment from a company owned by Moshiri for his half of the Arsenal stake, in full.
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